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About Us

Momscurry is a new age FoodTech startup and a fast growing healthy food ordering platform in Bangalore. Momscurry is on a mission to improve the lives of millions of people through living a nutritionally fit lifestyle.

Lot of importance is given to solutions that only focus on exercises and activities which is only a very small portion (20%) of the healthy lifestyle equation. Many seem to be ignoring the importance of nutritional intakes for a healthy lifestyle and well being.

Based on scientific researches, a person should take adequate amount of almost 50 nutrients for healthy growth and development and healthy and productive longer life. When one of these nutrients are not taken or inadequately taken it has been proved scientifically that growth and development are impaired and health deteriorated. 

It’s time to take health and wellness in your hands by adopting "proactive prevention" based on healthy lifestyle, wellness and nutritional diet rather than being "reactive" to disease management.

Our La Healthy Combos are designed by Nutritionists to provide adequate and balanced nutrition. Adequate and balanced nutrition is the basis for good health and prevention of diseases.

What is special about Momscurry?

There are many reasons to subscribe to our meal plans, such as,
  • Fine ingredients - We use high quality ingredients to prepare meals. E.g. Whole wheat aata, blended oil and authentic spices. Fresh vegetables are hand-picked everyday.
  • Cooking style - Absolutely home-styled. We do not use of any artificial additives to enhance the taste, look or smell of food.
  • Storage - Fresh food is prepared for every meal and straightaway dispatched. Food is neither refrigerated nor re-heated.
  • Variety - A weekly 'themed' menu ensures variety through the week.
  • Saturday Special Lunch - Our Special Saturday Lunch gives a healthy start to your weekend.
  • Flexible Subscription - Our subscription plans have flexible duration of 3 - 25 days. Trial subscription is also available.
  • Customer Service - Quick and friendly customer service.
We go an extra mile so that you get healthy food.

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